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Partnering With DJ Safety Racing Products 2013


We are pleased to continue our association with DJ Safety again as end users of their fine safety products as well as being an authorized dealer for their full line of gear.

DJ Safety, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing corporation which designs and produces safety equipment for a variety of industries including: Aerospace, aviation, film, racing and theme parks.

The company was founded in 1996 by Navy Lieutenant Commander Joseph Hansen Retired and his wife Darlene (Deist) Hansen. Their goal was and continues to be a niche for high level design engineering application in specific industries.

In 2000, the company expanded its operations to include the manufacturing arena to compliment Joe's engineering services.

DJ Safety offers a variety of the standard and "made to order" safety products, and has been designing them for 15 years and manufacturing them for 11 years.

Contact us if you would like to discuss the needs and innovative ideas that are available from DJ Safety for your protection.

Visit DJ Safety's Racing Products Website


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