Mar-Schan Motorsports adds PRO 1 Racing and Safety Products To Their Line-Up

Mar-Schan Motorsports is proud to announce that we have been entrusted with access to the PRO 1 line of USA built safety products for distribution to our customers.

If you arent familiar with their products just look in the cars and on the backs of champions in all forms of motorsports.

Their you will find their popular SFI rated seat belts, gloves, fire jackets and pants, as well as shoes, undergarments and helmet supports.

“PRO 1 has become  The most trusted and chosen safety manufacturer for racers across the country due to its high-quality products, competitive prices, and old-fashioned customer service that is second to none.“

The products have not been loaded onto our website or store as of this time, but we can still fill your orders.  We hope to get that done ASAP.  Until then take a look around their site at to see what they might have to upgrade your program.  Then let us know how we can help.