NecksGen Releases the Lightest Head and Neck Restraint on the Market

Whether you like them or despise them they are here to stay, and today at the 2019 PRI show Necksgen released the lightest SFI 38.1 device on the market, the Rev2Lite CARBON. Mar-Schan Motorsports is proud to sell this new offering and we look forward to earning your business.

We’d like to introduce the new CARBON FIBER REV2

Today, at the PRI show in Indy, we are launching our latest innovation, the NecksGen REV2 Carbon.  The new product is the lightest head and neck restraint device ever to be approved, showcasing our commitment to leading the way in state-of-the-art, safe, comfortable, yet affordable products in the racing safety market.
The NecksGen REV2 Carbon design features our patented yokeless and beltless design, while also incorporating our patented single-tension neutralizing tether system.  With the goal to improve ergonomics and safety, the use of state-of-the-art carbon manufacturing means that the new device is both stronger and lighter than its predecessors, as well as being contoured to the body. This means the driver will have more comfort and freedom of movement than any other head and neck restraint device on the market.

The NecksGen REV2 Carbon is available in three different sizes and coupled with its affordable price point, is targeted at being accessible to racers in all categories and of all age groups.
The REV2 Carbon is SFI 38.1 certified, proving that it provides the highest level of protection and the quick release helmet hardware comes included at no extra charge.  Retails for $699.