Northeast Custom Car Show

Vendors Spot At The 2011 Northeast Custom Car Show

The Largest Rod And Custom Car Show Was a Hit For Both Us and Them

Alternate Construction Concepts Northeast Custom Car Show Vendors Appearance

We want to thank all our marketing partners and sponsors who invested some time and money for shipping us catalogs, stickers, and banners for our booth at the first North East Custom Car Show. The turn out was tremendous for both cars and spectators. I can’t believe I didn’t lose my voice by the end of the third day of answering questions, handing out business cards and pointing potential new customers in your direction. We made some new contacts and have made some follow up sales already for a few of our partners.

Mar-Schan Motorsports hopes to be on the engine dyno at Philadelphia Racing Engines in a few weeks and out to the track by the end of April. Thanks to everyone for your help and trust. You Can View Our Gallery Of Personal Images Here In Our Dedicated Page As Thanks To All From Marschan Motorsports.

And The Complete Gallery From The Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show Event By The goDragRacing Photographers Here