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About Mar-Schan Motorsports

Mar-Schan Motorsports LLC is owned and operated by a racer and racing family. Currently the focus is on Braylon’s racing endeavors in bracket and index programs and it was previously on his junior dragster program. We previously dabbled and had some success with NMCA True Street, x275 Drag Radial and 8.50 Index in a 1966 Chevy II that we had owned for close to 30 years.

The business originated as a way to generate sponsorship and develop marketing partners. Many of the products we sell we have also used on the performance and safety side of our racing ventures. To be able to sell the products I was using was a solid way to generate immediate return on the investment that our partners put into our program. Now14 years later I have expanded our product line up to include other companies that are well respected in the industry.

When I was strapped into the racecar and now when Braylon pulls down his harness, safety is always important. Going a little further or using a little extra safety gear, even if the rules didn’t mandate it, was always something I did. I believe you can never be too safe. Technology is always changing and so are the advancements in safety gear. One thing is certain and that is I will try my best to satisfy my customers. From safety to performance Mar-Schan Motorsports LLC can supply your needs.

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