Mar-Schan Motorsports Sponsors Proposal

We are here to ask you and your company to join our team as we enter the 2019 drag racing season.  2018 was Braylon’s second full season as a 7.90 driver.  He entered over twenty individual races, had at least five others rained out or affected by the weather.  The number of races was reduced at our local track by the management this past year and we hope it goes back in in 2019.  Some of the high points were going rounds in all of the four races entered in Bristol, Tennessee in July at the NHRA Easter Conference Finals and winning the NHRA Division 1 13-14 year old championship in August at Numidia Dragway.  That was a dream come true event.

We are very excited about the upcoming season and want you to be a part of it.  We are here to offer your company excellent exposure potential whether on the track, at shows, through the Internet, or on the highway.  Excellent logo placement on the Kuhn Racing Junior Dragster will let your customers and potential customers alike know that you are part of a winning team.

Please feel free to contact me, Marc Schankweiler, at 610-568-2465 at any time regarding becoming a marketing partner for the upcoming season.  Please be sure to review our upcoming schedule to see where your advertising investment will begin to pay dividends.

Mg Drag Racing

You can follow us and see the recap of much of our season on our website at Press and News
and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MarSchanMotorsports

Best Regards,
Marc Schankweiler- Owner
Braylon Kuhn
Driver- 7.90 Junior Dragster