40lb FireAde2000® Trailer Fire Suppression System


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This kit combines our two 20lb thermally activated systems to help suppress and possibly extinguish a trailer fire depending on the type and location of the fire.  At least if it’s discovered it will provide the driver of the tow rig time to react.  The system allows the freedom of nozzle placement so as to isolate the FireAde® 2000 agent to where it’s needed.

*This trailer fire system is not engineered nor is it expected to extinguish all fires that may happen given the wide variety of circumstances that can play a role in the start and advancement of a fire.

Details of this system:

  • 40lbs. of FireAde2000® foam agent in (2) Auto systems.
  • Lightweight bottles
  • Automatic activation: Remote Mounting Block with thermal bulb(175°F standard – higher temps available)
  • (8) Nozzles for coverage of trailer as determined by purchaser
  • (6) T-fittings
  • 100′ of aluminum bendable tubing from thermal block to nozzles utilizing easy to use push-lock fittings
  • Comes standard with stainless T-bolt panel mounts for the bottles.

– BOTTLE DIMENSIONS: 21.5″h x 5.25″dia