NecksGen REV SFI 38.1 Neck Restraint


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Safety is just as important an element of racing as speed is, and your head and neck are not an area for compromise. The NecksGen REV is a comfortable, lightweight, easy to use HNR (Head and Neck Restraint) that carries full SFI 38.1 certification. Made in the USA from a strong, lightweight carbon composite material and Kevlar tethering system, the REV is a great option for racers of all sizes and vehicle types. With a yokeless design there are no structural components touching the front of your body, and no more uncomfortable or painful pieces over your collarbones or chest. A simple tab and slot type helmet connection that mounts to industry standard locations makes removing the device ultra quick and easy. Molded winglets help keep the device and your shoulder harnesses in place so you can focus on the road ahead.

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