Zamp’s New Advanced FIA8860-2018 Helmet Models – RZ-88O & RZ-88C
Zamp RZ88O

The new RZ-88O and RZ-88C Super Helmets feature the Advanced FIA 8860-2018 safety standard with leading safety, features, fit and performance. Both models feature an Advanced Carbon Weave for an incredibly lightweight shell and the top air inlet allows for Natural Air, Forced Air, or Air Plug. The plush, ultra-soft interior is removable for cleaning or creating a custom fit. Easily install communications with dedicated channels built into the EPS of the helmet.

These new helmets will offer a number of safety benefits, including advanced ballistic protection, increased energy absorption and an extended area of protection for drivers.

Changes based on the new standard include:

  • Top of visor opening lowered by 10mm to incorporate advanced ballistic protection that achieves unprecedented levels of safety during impact from debris.
  • Extended areas of protection on sides to offer compatibility with latest single-seater headrests and closed car seat-side head protection systems, ensuring energy management is exactly where headrests are positioned.
  • Helmet shell construction using advanced composite materials to ensure it is not only tough but also resistant to crushing and penetration.
  • Test methods include variable crash speeds to account for different accidents and a range of weights to account for different mass headforms.