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A performance wheel is just about the first thing you purchase for your car or vehicle although sometimes just for looks, Marschan Motorsports endorses the line of competition and performance wheels from Hole Shot.

Not only do they look great but are performers in all racing venues, from mild to wild, these custom wheels have proven themselves in all ranks of drag racing / street strip with looks, durability and advantages of a vast racer network that use them for their fit and weight.

Coming in all sizes and styles, our Drag Radial / True Street / 8.50 Index Chevy II flies on the Holeshot Hole Stars and is among one of the cleanest wheels for this body style.

Many photographers have focused on our combination of Mickey Thompson tires on the Hole stars and our rear “beadlocked” Hole stars. From our drag racing to our stops at shows and cruise inn’s, these wheels show their style with compliments each and every visit.

We at Marschan Motorsports offer rates on group purchases, discounted pricing, delivery to you at races we frequent and have knowledge of the wheels with many racers through our talk and chat on forums and message boards pertaining to the Holeshot Performance Wheels topics.

Our idea is simple, they look good, and we help you look better with this line of wheels. See What Holeshot Wheels Is About Below From Their Founders:

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About Holeshot Wheels:

Holeshot Performance Wheels was founded and started by the Morton family who has been in the Precision CNC Machining business since 1993. Much of the work we do is for the Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Fluid Management and Commercial Industries of the World. To this day it is owned and operated by “Ms. Holeshot” and her 2 Daughters. It is truly an American Small Business success story. Applying the same High Precision standards and values that are offered in the other industries they began manufacturing Holeshot Performance Wheels in 1995. While always enjoying Drag Racing as a spectator sport and spending family time together the Original Holestar and Holepro were made as the journey was started. After all the years of manufacturing Wheels we continue to get excited making a new set. Perhaps there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our wheels on the track on your cars. As always we will continue to support the local grassroots Drag Racing with our trackside displays. Be looking for us to come to a track near you this season.

With a staff that has been with us in some cases over 15 years we still offer one of the Lightest, Strongest and Fastest Performance Wheel in its class. We are supported by a loyal group of dealers and chassis builders that you can find in the dealer locator on the home page. Ms. Holeshot and her experienced staff have and will always be there to answer the hard questions and address those tuff fitments and technical concerns with our 1-800-DRAG-533 Factory Tech Line. With the ever-changing automotive industry, staying on the cutting edge of technology is a main focus for delivering the Lightest, Fastest and Strongest wheel possible.

Holeshot Wheels now offers 20 plus different styles of 15″ & 16″ diameter wheels for you to choose from. In 2008 we introduced the one-piece forged front-runner 15 x 3.5 and plan to offer a front-runner to match each style. With safety and longevity as a main focus we offer SFI Certified Drag Wheels in both single and double beadlock. Styling is a concern as well as speed and our wheels offer both. With custom anodizing and backspacing offered we guarantee we have a High Performance Drag Racing Wheel for your car.

As we go forward with product development and research we look forward to making your new set of wheels. Always feel confident that we will do all we can to make your wheel buying experience a simple and easy one. All Holeshot Wheels come complete ready to use with center caps and valve stems. Track Tested, Racer Approved Wheels are what we build. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us anytime at 800-Drag-533 or email us at info@holeshotwheels.com.

Thank you again for your interest in Holeshot Performance Wheels and we will see you at the track.