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Marschan Motorsports is proud to announce their dealer | distributorship, sales, supplies, service and marketing of Jesel Valevtrain components. Marked in Hi Performance circles as the finest in valve train needs and competitive edge of their products. Their service and unlimited support by racers from top fuel, Pro Stock, to street machines is part of the history behind this legendary company.

Our distributorship with Jesel at Marschan Motorsports can help you engage with us and find many resources to give you specials on group discounts, parts, and also arrange swapping at the track, as our schedule is large this year and we have a fine following of great fans and supporters so please feel free to inquire with us at any location, be it the track, over the phone or our sales e-mail

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See the below History of Jesel and their accomplishments from their CEO.

Marschan Motorsports Jesel Valevetrain Dealer

Jesel’s tremendous parts supplies are in great demand, whether you need rocker arms, shafts, lifters, belt drives and more, Jesel Has what you need for speed and efficiency; our own drag radial, true street SB2 Small Block Chevy II has more than benefitted from these great components with outstanding wins and championships. You’ll be a Jesel Customer too!!

Dear Valued Customers,

As each year passes, I find myself more and more in awe of what I see around the pits and just how much this sport continues to grow and develop. When my brother Wayne and I started drag racing over 40 years ago, we were ecstatic to get our Jr. Stock sedan delivery to hit 100 mph at Englishtown. These days it’s no trouble to see a Dodge Ram pick-up go over 250 mph at Bonneville. 500 cubic inch NHRA Pro Stock engines are nearing 10,500 rpm, NASCAR engines are spending 600 miles at 9400 rpm and street cars are leaving the showroom floor capable of running 12’s on pump gas.

As the bar is raised each year, the employees at JESEL continue to work even harder to manufacture a product capable of meeting, and then defeating the challenges at hand. We are proud of the fact that every component with the exception of bearings and hardware is designed, manufactured and tested in our Lakewood, NJ facility. Our staff is dedicated to producing the finest available parts and providing the highest levels of service to our customers in the racing industry. As a former racer and engine builder, I understand the need for quality and service and vow to keep the small company feel that JESEL has been known for over the last 28 years.

To all of our racers, dealers and employees, I offer my deepest gratitude for your support over the years. I wish the best of luck to you all in the future.

Dan Jesel