A Confidence Booster At Numidia Dragway

To get some seat time before the NHRA Division 1 event next weekend, and following the Eastern Conference Finals two weeks ago, we trekked an hour and a half north to Numidia Dragway for the weekend. The last time we were here in 2018 Braylon was hoisting the Wally as the Division 1 winner for the 13-14 year old age group.

We have traditionally had a good feeling when racing here in coal country.

Today Braylon went six rounds with some killer Double O starting line reaction times and taking some Double O finish line stripes to get the win.  To say the tune up wasnt spot on after coming home from Bristol was an understatement!  Today was our day and thats what you need to make it to the Winner’s Circle, especially here where the Numidia teams have done well at the nationals the last two years.

Braylon has decided we will stay and race again tomorrow after paying just $7.00 for all of us to race today and $7.00 tomorrow, thanks to our Gold Card from last year and ending the day “cash heavy!”

The crew!

The crew!

Thanks to Lucas Oil, Lucas Oil Racing TV, Hoosier Tire East, Boccellas Performance, ProThings, Craws Racing and Clark Industrial for your support.

Fluffy take the wheel!

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