Taking Our Lumps and Moving On

We could make excuses as to why we didnt do well at the NHRA Division 1 Junior Dragster Championships, but we will refrain from using that word, and instead call them learning opportunities. There is always room for improvement and that’s why we are back here at Maple Grove the next day, with all of us trying to do better as a team.

We were fortunate enough to go some rounds at Mason Dixon Dragway on Friday in the Gambler’s Race but something wasn’t 100%. The Crew Chief has taken full responsibility for that issue and he took his lumps.

Unfortunately we came up empty handed on Saturday in the Main Event. Like they say “two go down the track and one comes back.” We didn’t come back so it was Route 81 North!

Today is not a points day for juniors at Maple Grove, but 8 of them are on the property. It’s too nice not to test a little bit. The season is coming to a close and points are scarce so seat time is critical.

Thanks to those companies that stick behind us and help us do this. #CrawsRacing, #BoccellasPerformance, #LucasOil, #LORTV, #Right2Breathe, #HoosierTire, #ProThings